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Design Weave & Color Patterns, Simulate Fabrics and Drape Images on 3D Models – all in your web browser.

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Wve. is an easy-to-use and affordable online textile CAD software for Dobby & Jacquard weaving, that can match any skill level. A sleek design tool for fabric designers, woven artists, textile professionals, and academics. Design dobby, jacquard and yarn-dyed fabrics with interactive tools. Design Weave & Color Patterns, Simulate and Drape Fabric on 3D Models – all in your web browser.


Plaids & Patterns

Design Fabric Color Patterns, Tartans, Plaids, Checks, Stripes.

Weave Drafts

Design Weave Drafts, threading, treadling and tieups with upto 256 Shafts.

Complex Woven Structures

Create complext Dobby and Jacquard Weaves with Artworks and color mapped Weaves.

3D Weave Visualisation

Design Color Patterns and Weaves in interactive 3D environment.

Pattern & Weave Generation Algorithms

Set parameters and auto generate countless patterns and weaves.

3D Model & Draping

Drape woven simulations and images on 3D clothes and models.


The Wve ecosystem is comprised of five modules that address various aspects of the product development. All modules are interlinked and shares the same workspace, providing controlled workflow while working on different parts of the project.

Weave & Pattern Designer

The Weave & Pattern Designer is the application’s core module, and it includes numerous tools for creating Threading, Treadling, Lifting Plan, Tieup, Weave Draft, and colour Patterns. This module supports the popular WIF file format for weaving programmes, which can be imported and exported.

Artwork Module

Complex weaves frequently require the creation of a separate artwork in which weaves can be mapped to artwork colours. This module makes applying weaves to different regions of an image extremely simple. This system can handle large artworks in order to create weaving files for Jacquard Looms.

Fabric Simulation

Using realistic fabric simulation algorithms, this module simulates woven structures and patterns. Fabric Simulation module assists in finalising the project while creating patterns and woven drafts with different yarn thicknesses and thread densities. Simulation can be fine-tuned using woven structure variables.

3D Weave

The best way to comprehend a woven structure is through 3D visualisation. This module includes interactive tools for experimenting with woven structures and fabric properties in 3D. This moudule can be used to manupulate weaves directly. Various yarn shapes and surface textures can be seen.

3D Model

To finish the product, create 3D environments and drape fabric designs on various models. This module includes a plethora of 3D models for you to drape your fabric textures. Lighting, environment parameters, viewing angles, and animations are all simple to implement and manage.


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$99 /year/user*


Ideal for schools looking for an easy to learn and easy to teach textile CAD software.
  • Weave & Pattern Designer
  • Fabric Simulation
  • Artwork Module
  • 3D Weave
  • 3D Model
  • Palette, Colorway & Pattern Generator
  • Export Weave as 3D Model

* EDU plan is offered with a group licence. Please contact the support for minimum number of users requirement.

Enterprise Offer

The Enterprise offer is for personnel or agency needing faster and deeper support. Contact us explaining your needs and we’ll come up with a better plan and pricing curated for you.


Textile CAD Training & Workshop

We provide online training sessions and workshops to educational institutions and manufacturing companies. These sessions assist textile designers in creating new designs while also lowering sampling costs.

Fabric Simulation Services

We can turn your textile design concept into a specific product preview. Realistic simulations of textile products in 2D and 3D modes can be a deciding factor in moving forward with a product launch.

Custom 3D Models

Wve 3D Model module includes several 3D models for draping your textures, but it is often necessary to drape fabric on the model of your choice. We can find a model that meets your requirements and incorporate it into your licence.

Textile Designing Services

We have a team of talented textile designers who can create stunning designs for fashion, home, and upholstery based on your market and preferences.


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